jOryx Realm of the Mad God Client

jOryx was a custom-built desktop client for the Flash massively-multiplayer game, Realm of the Mad God. Development began in February 2011 after I had become fed up with the generally slow Flash-based client, and wanted extra features to play the game with. Following a two week long coding sprint in March of 2012 and the release of the source code on GitHub, I was asked by one of the developers at WildShadow to discontinue distribution, so the project has since been effectively dead.

Here are the videos I released over development, in order.

I used the popular Java 3D game engine, jMonkeyEngine, to handle the client itself, while using a homebrewn API to communicate with the game server and Google AppSpot storage server. Performance was significantly better than the Flash client, nearly four times the framerate on my laptop and far more responsive, however it was still much slower than my goal of 250fps on a low-end system (the graphics are not that complicated and proper IO would have boosted performance dramatically).

While I will not distribute the code to others, the project itself has given me inspiration to begin developing games in lower-level OpenGL as opposed to using an engine like jMonkeyEngine. The experience I earned making sure the game ran across both low-end and high-end systems with the same results, and optimizing drawing and tile caching performance, I will carry into other projects.